Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gusty Storms

Back on the 25th of August, a line of storms well north of Decatur cashed out and ejected a massive surface outflow boundary. Though it was very defined on radar it wasn't very photogenic where I was but certainly packed a punch on arrival. Wind damage in the form of downed trees was reported in Mt. Zion. I took a short drive into NE Macon County to see it for myself. The intent was to practice time lapse but it ended up not being worth all the clicks.

Looking east, Pileus Cap on a cell hovering over Eastern Illinois

By now it was very windy, if not for the crops it would have been very dusty as well.

Back at home and shortly after dark, a new storm went up on the tail end of this boundary on the east side of town.

Literally going to the end of my block, it was a prolific lightning producer. I posted this next image to a local news page and they aired it on the 10 PM broadcast.

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