Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Moon

The first of four lunar eclipses known as a tetrad scheduled between now and 2015 did not disappoint in the skies over the much of Illinois. This was the first full event I was able to view since 2008 due to cloud cover with any other since. In spite of not having much time, I tried my best to maximize on that which was available.

Spica at lower right.

Mars at upper right.

I was not alone.

and neither were we!

Show is about over but...

We had to watch until dawn from the safety of some well timed nearby ice spikes!

This guy just showed up but hey, there's always room for one more!


Suz said...

thank you...I missed it...out with a bad back!
was it really red looking?
I love your little me an idea of scale

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