Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunday the 26th

The cold air that would ultimately aid in wreaking havoc on the southern US made its presence known across the Central Illinois region in a BIG way this day. Heading out of town a short distance to see what would happen with associated lead cloud, I was initially skeptical that we would get a decent sunset given the amount of blockage on the horizon. Holes in the deck coupled with the early bright white upper cloud that is a often a good sign of uninhibited sunlight to the far west suggested I remain patient.

And then it happened!

A few hours later an expected arctic cold front complete with squall line plowed through the region. There was very little precipitation with passage at my location yet a few upper cloud lightning flashes were observed. Winds screaming in from the NW dropped the temperature as much as 15 degrees in as many minutes. A peak wind gust of 53 MPH was reported at Decatur with 61 at Pana and 64 at Danville! I wish I had dashcam video capability so to capture the volume of dirt and small debris blowing off of the fields. It was without a doubt one of the most intense frontal passages I have personally experienced.

c/o RadarScope






N again.

Behind the line, now over Decatur IL

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