Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aurora Bust

Back on the 9th, I headed up to Northern Illinois so to escape a cloud deck hanging over the southern half of the state. The intent was to shoot a 'powerful' incoming CME and the associated aurora borealis that was forecast to occur. I would end up spending 12 hours in a vehicle with no heat out in -6°F air with a wind chill of -12°F on what would be one of the biggest space busts in recent history. At the target destination of Rochelle Illinois and a popular stop for photographers, I came away mildly frostbitten but not entirely empty handed.

c/o RadarScope

Inspired by the support and encouragement received on Facebook, my Fine Art America account has been resurrected so to make the above images available as printed items. They will only be up for a limited time. For more on this opportunity, please click HERE.

Grabbing a quick wind farm shot at Minonk on the way back, I was entirely too tired and cold to care about composition but just wanted something for reference. I have not been north of Bloomington since before 2000 and have yet to visit Chicago or St. Louis (believe it or not).

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