Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Miscellaneous / Plasma Ball

With comet Pan-STARRS still out there as well as an intense aurora display having come to pass, it would figure that Illinois is socked in with clouds as usual. Not wanting to let the day go to waste, here are few recent items of note as I simultaneously clean up my cluttered desktop.

Average sunrise from the 9th captured through the 10-24 has me hopeful for future events.

Tried working static through multiple contacts to flint on the 12th.

Another little NW flow disturbance dug through the region on the 14th producing virga with some light snow actually making it to the surface but not much.

Affixing a Swiss ball bearing to the doorknob using a small droplet of hand sanitizer to keep it in place...

Static vs. Flint vs. Swiss Bearing vs. Self Portrait!

Slowly getting caught up with my SmugMug website, I have created a Designated Gallery with notes for all of this static electricity stuff.

and finally, just for fun last night, I tried getting Ava's finger against a plasma ball in macro. In the first and only good shot, she's holding a CFL that reacts when placed near the device.

Later, I placed a paper clip on the surface and positioned my finger close to see what would happen. A continuous discharge would occur when I came within 1mm of the surface. It was pretty wild looking and very bright!

Wanting to step it up, I switched out for a screw. I was also beginning to catch the occasional whiff of burnt hair though I didn't really feel anything.

and that would explain the burnt smell! :)

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