Friday, March 22, 2013


Taking advantage of another clear evening that seems to be just as rare as any measure of spring warmth right now, I stepped out at dusk on Wednesday despite the brutal cold and wind which gusted at times to 25 MPH. It is not easy to spot both for being dim as well as small and only until background sky becomes dark enough does it become apparent.

Time lapse at the end has some flickering which likely had to do with the wind despite my best attempt at anchoring the camera.

On Thursday, skies were clear again only this time without any wind at all so I headed up to the marina at Clinton Lake to try for a different foreground idea. The shoreline is 1 kilometer away or roughly .60 of a mile. I hope to do more from this location with time.

16 minute stack.

This should help give perspective on why the comet is so hard to find with the naked eye. Follow the dock to the little fuzzball on the horizon. Hindsight being what it is, I wish I would have had the sense to tilt for a vertical shot with the 300mm as the lake was so calm that the comet reflection could be seen!

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Mak Porter said...

Awesome capture of the comet, Paul! A well defined fuzzy trail. Definitely hard to see with the naked eye. That is so cool that you were able get the reflection of the comet off the lake. Kind of rare for skt to be so clear in late winter.