Monday, November 05, 2012

Sleet and Texture

Early this past Saturday we had a line of showers and storms lift through along a warm front that would have been insignificant were it not for the extremely cold temperatures and sleet mixing in with the rain. Closer to daybreak, a lull would occur after which another round developed along the cold front. A nearby weaker cell caught my attention for having slight structure and even popping off a few CG's. What came later though was a truly amazing sight in that the sky was covered with a textured layer that may have been undulatus asperatus.

c/o RadarScope

Behind the "squall line"

Later I would head over to Rock Springs to assist in hanging a November/December show for a local art group. While there, I took the opportunity to harass some of the exhibits.

A weak high pressure would settle in behind the complex resulting in Sunday morning lows around freezing. These are more attempts at reverse ring macro.

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