Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday Weather

Early Wednesday morning we had a line of storms slide by to the S so I stuck a camera out in the hope of catching something. The moon was a nice touch so I put together a DSLR time lapse sequence found HERE.

Midday was cool and rainy but I kept watch of satellite for it appeared that this system with ample clearing behind it would depart at just the right time for opportunity. I was correct in that the sun angle near to and during the sunset hour caught the back side as I had hoped.

and finally, what appears to be the actual cold front looming to the W and with that, a significant cool down throwing us along the rest of the Central US into a period of below average temperatures. I would have liked to do a time lapse of this scene but I had no time to lapse lol.

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Suz said...

be still my heart..those are gorgeous
and I am glad you got that camera out