Thursday, September 01, 2011

ISS vs. Four Square Church

Last night I successfully pulled off a shot idea I have wanted but not before placing my L shaped thumb and index finger next to my forehead. The plan was to simply get the International Space Station rising and then gliding over the steeple. Easy enough as it is not a difficult scene to compose, right?

Not shown in the picture below (would have been left of the ISS) was a short streak bearing identical appearance of an Iridium flare which is basically the reflective gleam that comes from a rolling satellite in orbit. I proudly posted this image to Facebook for all to see. This morning upon closer review of other shots, I concluded that it was simply a lens flare due to nearby spotlights and removed it. It was here that I once again sounded the fail horn that has become so loud anymore that my ears are ringing. I'm sure Jesus had a good laugh though.

Crop from the original, very deceiving...

Moving on...

And finally, from around the side of the church.

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