Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

Perhaps it is somewhat premature to be talking about Spring however, with a high temperature of 63 observed out at the Decatur (IL) airport on Thursday, it is hard not to. Taking the opportunity to step out and get some fresh air, I didn't expect to see much else other than slush and mud. I thought that the lone pair of Canadian Geese in the first picture would end up being my lucky shot of the day. Little did I know it would serve as a mere precursor to the big show which was a massive flock of Snow Geese to pass directly overhead a short time later.

Uninteresting as the snow was for being a dirty melting mess, I noticed that every object once at rest in the surface was in its own crater. This is the result of darker colored objects absorbing light to generate the slightest bit of heat thereby melting the snow around to where it sinks into the snowpack. Not that this is a unique process but I figure that anything which causes snow to melt faster is worth appreciating so I broke out the macro attachment.

Unrelated to the snow but still with the macro.

and finally, incredible sunset to finish the day though I was on foot and unable to find a decent vantage point that didn't require wading through a ditch.

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Suz said...

How did you know that they were snow geese? I wouldn't know
do you know their calls?
I love your macros and your thoughts
Off to galena this weekend
wish you were here with us with your is beautiful country..maybe sometime
let me know when you see or hear the first frog
I love frogs