Friday, January 14, 2011

Epic Hoar Frost Event

"Epic" and "Event" are two words that no self respecting blogger should ever use, yet in a Facebook post from Thursday relating to this event (oops did it again), I made that horrible mistake. I blame fatigue but no less, the deed was done and I will try to not do it again. As for the "epicness" of the mentioned hoar frost in the title, it was fairly impressive. A moderate snow pack coupled with single digit morning low temperatures produced thick frost resulting in a beautiful scene across the region. I got off to a late start and didn't quite get what I wanted as far as ideal time of day light but still managed a few interesting snaps. At peak I was along the backside of a tree line when a gust of wind kicked up and blew the frost off of the limbs. I managed to set a camera up in time and get video of it coming down which looked like snow even though it was not snowing. You can see it HERE.

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