Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday Storms / Arts in the Park

This past weekend was the annual Arts in Central Park event located in downtown Decatur IL. Hosted by the Decatur Arts Council as well as Gallery 510, it is an event that we look forward to as it is the oldest and most prestigious event for Decatur/Macon County. As is the case every year, we were concerned about the weather. Although a few strong storms developed to the W on Saturday evening with a passing cold front, they did not pose a significant threat to the event. When I say "we", it is in reference to the Barn Colony Artists group that I participate with as a coordinator. For the most part, the event went off exceptionally well and we had numerous visitors to our tent. I did not have time to take many pictures but have included a look at our tent from Sunday morning towards the end. As for the storms on Saturday, upon arriving home after an exhausting day, I opened the laptop to see them on the approach. Having mixed feelings both for concern about our booth as well as the opportunity being presented, I headed up into Logan county. Per the radar grab c/o Cameron, the shots are from the Logan county cell. Leaving out, I drove into the small secondary cell to the SW. As I was doing so, I witnessed what I believe what lightning striking a combine and truck way out in a field. It was too far to confirm but if it didn't, it was very close to their location.

ps: just got caught up on the blog roll at right and must say you guys all have some amazing new material!


Dann Cianca said...

Got some scores there, congrats!

Paul said...

Thanks man, September has definitely been kind :)