Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today was kind of a big day. Aside from getting a bunch of errands out of the way, managed to capture the iridescence within clouds around sunrise. Not an easy feat for me because the sun usually blows out. Went with ISO 100, F14, 160th second, a/v mode.

Later in the afternoon, S of Macon on Walker Road.

This was an experiment. Note the edges being in focus and having limited aberration unlike the freezing fog images. I went with much higher F stop (14 vs. 11) and lower ISO (100 vs. 200). I'm also going to try and limit use of the 58mm attachment with the EFS 18-55. Thought my settings in the fog images were sufficient but they weren't. we live, we learn.

Halfway between Macon and Blue Mound, I like the way culverts become canvases when snow, wind and shadow do their thing.

With the 58mm attachment and heavy distortion removal.


Suz said...

you write with your photographs

Paul said...

Thank you :)