Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Despite continued neglect of my blog, I've been very productive while riding the ongoing roller coaster of our complicated lifestyle. Mother's Day just came to pass of course and was not an easy holiday for me personally though Ava managed to take it in stride. She's proven to be a rather resilient child for whom I find myself drawing strength from as we handle our day to day inconsistency. Before too much time passes, enjoy some visuals collected since last post. Hope you've been well.

Partial Eclipse from the morning of April 3rd

April 11th, nature walk with Ava

April 15th, another nature walk with Ava

April 16th, more nature

April 17th, fun with glowstick liquid

April 19th

April 23rd, Ramsey Lake State Park

April 25th, Creal Springs Illinois

April 29th, Weldon Springs Clinton IL

and lastly, Shovelers and Buffleheads from back on March 28th...

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Suz said...

Oh I loved every picture ....I just love frogs and toads and turtles. So when are you going to get Ava a camera? She is blessed with a father like you. Love all the nature you two share in illinois