Sunday, January 25, 2015


Life goes on and with that, I have stayed productive.

4th - Snowflakes vs. DVD

6th - vs. Mat Board

Later that evening...

7th - Frozen soap bubble experiment with Ava.

11th - Freezing Rain

13th - Down by the Sangamon River

14th - Freezing Fog at Clinton Illinois.

Hoar frost vs. Spider web.

17th - Stonington Illinois

18th - Moultrie County Illinois

19th - Western Macon County Illinois

20th - 'Dance Camp' performance during basketball game intermission.

21st - Turned my friend into a LEGO minifig.

24th - Christian County Illinois

1 comment:

Suz said...

I think of you daily. Glad you are out with a va and your camera. Love the rising swan.... Nice one for ava. I don,t have a computer right now,so it's hard to write on my iPad im an old lady you know