Friday, August 16, 2013

Second Week of August

The annual Perseid meteor shower did not disappoint this year and on the 10th I had a camera pointed up from my location just north of Decatur. As an impromptu foreground subject, I placed a few roses on a shed roof ledge for which Perseus must have approved :)

Early on the 12th I was out again with a roses offering only this time covered the ledge and had a little fun with T-Rex. Perseus must've liked my attempt at humor for he gave me my brightest meteor yet!

On the evening of the 12th after Ava's celebratory birthday dinner, I had a few minutes to myself to travel just outside of town and get a perfectly timed incoming storm.

Similar feature on the leading edge as my post from the other day. Tried to get it with the 300m before dissipating.

On passage.

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