Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Storm Q

I'm not sure about the whole naming of winter systems although for this very unique and dynamic latest one it is worth the exception. Prior to the main event I was fortunate to get a few halo opportunities including a lunar from Wednesday and a solar the following morning. I now actually look forward to atmospheric optics for being able to finally fit them in frame. Per the solar halo, note the faint circumzenithal arc at top which is a first for me.

When the bulk of the precipitation arrived from the southwest, it went from calm to heavy sleet in an instant. The end video captures the intensity of the initial onset.

Eventually changing over to heavy snow, I went for a ride to check out conditions. I didn't take any measurements but roughly 3"-5" was reportedly observed throughout the region.

During the overnight as things were winding down somewhat, freezing drizzle coated everything on the order of .20" at my location.


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pure poetry

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