Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Late June

The ongoing severe drought has pretty much decimated all flora and fauna or sent some creatures into early hibernation save for a few diehards making this a very sad year for natural photography. I have still found subjects to look at and namely for reverse ring macro experimentation.

Something I have been wanting to try is macro with aquatic insects. Using a clear DVD spindle cover to hold a few damselfly nymphs picked out of pond weed, this was not as easy as I thought it would be. Perhaps in time with the right equipment I'll try again.

On the 25th I was introduced to a fishing hole on private land that yielded a few opportunities including a distant heron as well as my first eagle from in the wild which as an added bonus was carrying a fish!

Short pass of the International Space Station

Visiting a natural area where there was little to see as everything is of course dry and lifeless, I encountered a few snapping turtles doing their best to deal with the drought by partially burying themselves into the mud. One in particular was so lethargic as it was likely conserving energy that I was able to get close.

Find the turtle

So dry...

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