Monday, June 04, 2012

Unexpected Saturday

Sitting around somewhat bored this past Saturday afternoon, I decided to take Ava and her cousin up to Weldon Springs. Though there were storms in the area, I did not expect to see anything...

Now at Weldon Springs Park, Clinton IL facing S towards Decatur.

A Great Blue Heron flew over so I quickly switched out lenses.

Nearby tree showing obvious signs of somewhat recent lightning strike.

This is significant in that it is the first reverse ring macro shot that I am remotely satisfied with despite still being sub par and soft. Simply put, it is a device that enables you to invert the lens on the camera so to shoot backwards through it. It's an ideal technique in that you can get much smaller than with the 58mm attachment I typically use but I simply haven't made time to become comfortable with using it. I actually got real close on the head but those did not come out well so I did not bother. I was also in shadow which didn't exact help the situation either. This Eastern Tailed Blue could fit comfortably on a dime.

Tried shooting reverse ring on this guy but wasn't feeling it so I switched back to the usual 58mm piece. By now it was becoming late and we were getting hungry so I didn't exactly try my best but for being the size of a popcorn kernel, I thought it was still worth showing.


Suz said...

I hope Ava inherts your curiosity
....what a nice day you had
love the rainbow and of course the bugs....

Mak Porter said...

The rainbows and macros are amazing Paul! I don't know who ever thought of the reverse macro idea but it's a good one. Looks like you and Ava had a great day at Weldon Springs. Sorry for having been away from your blog for way too long.