Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Per the first part of the title, I have added a PayPal Donate button found in the right sidebar. My priorities are such that photography and hobbies come last as far as personal investment. With this in mind, my gear is becoming increasingly dated so I've recently been thinking more about how to potentially upgrade. Ideally I would like to simply invest in a more appropriate lens such as Canon 10-22 but that is a pipe dream at this point. For the sake of illustrating though, I thought it might be fun to show what I use and the condition it is in. Some people think my photography isn't very good and for this my feelings are not hurt. It has at times been difficult to work with this setup. For those who think my photography is good then let this example demonstrate what you can achieve with a little bit of determination. Overall, I am very grateful because of the history associated with this camera and will use it for as long as it works. The hope is that one day it will be reserved exclusively for time lapse.

Per the second part of the title, back in March when we visited PA, one of my mom's 1/12th scale room box creations came back with us. It suffered some minor damage from the trip and was covered in dust. On Saturday, I spent the afternoon fixing, cleaning and ultimately photographing it. Below is one of the baskets made from scratch out of found twigs. The duck basket after that was made out of balsa wood.

Besides scale and detail, atmosphere was equally important to my mom which is why most of her room boxes were illuminated.

Yes, she made everything you see and especially the woven baskets. The shelved ones can fit comfortably on a nickel.

Friendship sign is the size of a quarter.

I should have focused on the wreath for this shot but you can still see via the little black latch that she left out no detail.

Measuring roughly 12"x12", the frame construction was of balsa wood with the artificial rock walls being of a spongy material that I believe was scored and painted craft foam. The roof is detachable which reveals a series of trusses though not shown. The tulip and daffodil flowers are comprised of a fimo-like homemade bread dough concoction she used. The miniature hyacinths are that of a curled paper technique called quilling. Hindsight being what it is, I wish I had paid a little more attention to how she produced the way she did to offer better explanation.


Tara said...

Don't know why somone would knock your photos Paul. Seems people just love to knock people down, I guess somehow it makes them feel like they are superior.

Now, those creations of your mom's, those are fantastic... What a beautiful legacy she left..:)

Suz said...

oh my...I agree with Tara
your photos are wonderful
send me your address again
I'll make a direct donation
to the camera fund
My gift to the universe
so much I believe in your talent
Now I see where the creative gene came from
you have passion about your art just like your mom did

Mak Porter said...

Paul, whoever is saying that your photography is not good is delusional and laughable at best. Your mom created some awesome miniatures. I'm really glad you got some of them/restored them :)