Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art With Heart / Walnut Point State Park

Something I should have blogged about days ago but didn't for the simple fact that I have much on my plate lately is that tonight I will be participating in a local benefit called Art With Heart. It is an opportunity for artists and creative professionals to donate their wares so to be bid on via silent auction with 100% of the proceeds benefiting cancer patients and their families who are struggling financially. Without getting too personal other than to acknowledge that losing my parents to this disease has affected me greatly, I am donating a stack of matted photography prints to hopefully aid others who understand the hardship. Click the above link to learn more.

As for the second part of this blog, on Wednesday I took my nephew to Walnut Point State Park located in Douglas County IL. He is on break so it worked out perfectly in being able to visit a destination that is new for the both of us. Enjoyable as the outing was for having ideal weather, it also proved to be a good educational opportunity for him as well as I.

Embarrass River

Got him hopping up...

and back down!

Leaving out

Heading back we stopped by Kaskaskia River State Fish and Wildlife Area located SE of Sullivan IL which is another new one for us and a location we intend to explore again.


Suz said...

Your photos are just marvelous
I hope you raise buckets of money for such a good cause
Your nephew is lucky to have you as a mentor
keep clicking away at Illinois
I love seeing it

Mak Porter said...

Really nice thing to do Paul for awareness on that disease. The sooner more progress is made to curing it, the better. I hope there was a good turn out of people.

Nice pics of the scenes/wildlife at the state parks and nice capture of the little guy hopping out of the water, good timing. I see you have a few state parks in your neck of the woods.

sknr31 said...

always a pleasure to read, hope Art With Heart is/was humbling...oh turtles, good stuff :)

photomom420 said...

Awwwwwww, love the turtles, frog and geese. Great shots as always. You have an amazing eye Paul...nature loves u as much as u love it. :)