Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice Sculptures/News

Crossing the Sangamon River on Lincoln Trail, I noted some unusual ice formations so for having a bit of time to spare, I stopped for a better look. Formed by the combination of insanely cold overnight temperatures generating "islands" as well as daytime sunlight responsible for the icicles and a steadily decreasing water level revealing it all, I doubt they will last much longer with the brief warm up expected in coming days.

Pair of cardinals way over on the other side.

Just some gulls.

In other news, the ILX Spotter Page was updated with new info for 2010 and with that, they chose one of my images for use on this page. This is indeed a massive honor for which I am grateful. The storm was from May 30, 2009 and was located just NW of Stonington IL. For as gnarly as the lowering was, upon calling it in to ILX, they noted that it wasn't rotating on velocity scan thus, a tornado warning was not needed. It was an excellent example of a storm whose bark was worse than it's bite and all the more reason trained eyes are so vital to the warning process. There was only one other known chaser on this storm.


Dann Cianca said...

Okay... those are kind of awesome.

MikeH said...

That is some nice shit man! Nice catch. Never seen anything quite like that before.

Dan R. said...

Very cool. You never know what's going to be out there!